Next Scirocco May Go Performance with 300HP RS Model

But VW needs help making up its mind.

With the beautiful new facelift of the Volkswagen Scirocco unveiledlast week at the Geneva Motor Show - and with imports to America still lookingiffy - US fans are looking forward to the next generation of the stunningtwo-door, due sometime around 2017. According to Car Magazine, this generation ofthe hatchback-coupe may come with a high-performance, lightweight RS version,possibly even sporting a 4Motion all-wheel drive platform.

Such a car would presumably come with more than 300horsepower underhood, matching the car’s output to what will presumably be aneven more stunning exterior on the next generation. On the other hand, VW isalso considering the complete opposite: they might make it cheaper, morepractical and more of a low-roofed, 3-door Golf – which would certainly boostsales but leave enthusiasts disappointed.

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