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Next Volkswagen Golf Will Target BMW 3 Series Owners

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And there's a very good reason why.

Less than one year from now, the eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf will begin production, though it'll likely go on sale in Europe first before its North American arrival. This production timeline also means the new Golf will be revealed in the very near future. But what do we know about it other than the fact it'll retain its five-door hatchback body style? Autocar has learned some interesting details about the next iteration of the world's most popular hatchback and, not surprisingly, it'll be better than ever.

For starters, it's going upmarket. The reason is quite simple: VW wants to lure buyers who are downsizing from vehicles such as the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. This will be accomplished, in part, with additional interior and cargo space, further refinement and class-leading fuel economy.

Speaking of which, fuel-saving technologies will be in abundance. One example will be a powerful 48 mild-hybrid powertrain that's expected to be used for the next GTI and R models. There will also be a range of micro-hybrids and, interestingly, a variant running on compressed natural gas. What will not be offered is a pure EV Golf for the simple reason of VW's upcoming ID range of electric vehicles. Internal competition is never good.

Also, don't expect to see three-door or wagon body styles due to lack of market interest with the current generation. There's the SUV/crossover popularity factor to consider here. Design-wise, the new Golf will feature evolutionary styling but will have a wider stance and a slightly longer wheelbase.

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However, it will not ride on an all-new platform but rather a heavily updated version of the current car's MQB architecture. It'll shed just over 100 pounds thanks to greater use of lightweight construction materials. Front-end styling will feature a thin horizontal grille with a pair of angular headlights at each side with timeline LED daytime running lights. Also expect to see more pronounced wheel arches, wide C-pillars, and the familiar upright tailgate. There will be a lot more details coming out in the very near future as the early 2019 reveal date gets closer.