Next Volkswagen Phaeton Pushed Back to 2018

VW first wants to sell more of the old model to China.

Althoughthe next generation is virtually complete and ready to roll, it seems that the Germans at Volkswagen have decided to push off the launch of their flagship Phaeton. Thereason? The current model is still selling strongly in China, and they want to cash out on that before launching a new model. According toAutomotive News, the next Phaeton will arrive in the United States in 2018 as a2019 model, riding on the MLB Evo platform and equipped with a variety ofengines.

According to the report, these engines could include a V6 plug-in hybridmaking more than 400 horsepower, a V8 diesel with 450 horses and atop-of-the-line W12. Pricing is expected to start at $70,000. The VolkswagenPhaeton left the US market in 2006 due to extremely weak sales. With this pricetag, can VW expect a comeback?

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