Next VW Polo Coming to the US?


The next-generation Volkswagen Polo is supposedly set to go on sale in the US. Does this mean the next Polo GTI is coming too?

Volkswagen is on a mission to dominate the automotive world. And in order to make that happen, the German automaker needs to have a strong foothold in the US - Europe and China simply aren't enough. In order to expand its lineup in the US even further, a VW spokesman has confirmed that not only will an upcoming subcompact crossover arrive on US shores, but so will the next-generation Polo hatchback on which the former will partially be based on.


Both cars will be built on the automaker's new MQB architecture, which means they can be easily configured to have front- and all-wheel drive. In addition, this platform is designed to allow hybrid applications and even full electric-drive. Yes, a next-gen E-Polo is a very likely possibility, even for the US. So why is VW all of a sudden bringing the Polo stateside considering it's been sold in Europe and other countries since 1975? It's very simple: CAFE. Just take a look at other brands, such as Ford and Honda with their Fiesta and Fit respective subcompacts, and you'll immediately realize that VW is lacking a US competitor for each of those.


Why the subcompact crossover? This is a fast emerging segment that even Jeep will be jumping into next year, and it wouldn't hurt at all for VW to offer a CUV that'll be below the Tiguan in both size and pricing. For now, no word yet on whether the next Polo sedan will hit US shores, but considering how much Americans love sedans, it wouldn't surprise us in the least if it came. What we're really hoping for, however, is for the next Polo GTI to be offered in the US as well.

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