Next XJ to Get Two Bodystyles?

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Divergent demands in the US and China could prompt Jaguar to make two different versions of the next-generation XJ sedan.

One of the greatest luxuries, they say, is choice. That's why Mercedes-Benz, for example, will be offering a wide variety of body-style choices with its next-generation S-Class. And why Jaguar could be following a similar path with the next-generation XJ. With its current flagship sedan, Jaguar went with a sloping roofline that bridges the gap between (to take another rival as an example) the Audi A7 Sportback and A8 sedan. That's given the XJ a sleek profile at the expense of rear headroom.

For its replacement, however, Jaguar could abandon the middle road and go to two extremes, offering the next XJ with two different rooflines. One would offer the optimized interior space of a conventional sedan (particularly important in the increasingly vital Chinese market where many owners are driven by chauffeur), while the other could go even more slanted (for the style-conscious US market). We could easily see Jaguar go with the former for the long-wheelbase model and the latter for the standard one, but it could easily offer either or both wheelbase lengths with both roofline profiles.

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