NFL Legend Jerry Rice Goes Undercover To Troll Lyft Passengers In Epic Prank Video

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Who would have thought football players had a sense of humor?

When you get into a car with a Lyft or Uber driver you're facing a risk. There's no telling what the driver will do or what kind of past they have. What's more, you don't ultimately know their driving record. (Of course the drivers also take risks.) You also don't know if they've ever played pro football. Unsuspecting Lyft patrons in San Francisco were treated to Jerry Rice as their driver. Of course the 49ers great went undercover for the operation, donning a not-so-crazy disguise consisting of a beanie and sunglasses.

The reactions of the passengers are priceless; for the most part they have no idea who he is. Only one managed to drum up a "you look familiar" declaration but couldn't put his finger on it. Let it be said that at least some football players who spent 20 years in the sport certainly used that time to build a sense of humor.

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