NFL Star Rides in an 800hp EVO IX

Miami Dolphin Kevin Burnett goes for a spin in the “Infamous Monster”.

Kevin Burnett is no stranger to speed. The Miami Dolphin linebacker owns two Nissan GT-Rs and a Toyota Supra, however the Mitsubishi Evo IX "Infamous Monster" and its 800+ horsepower (measured at the wheels) is a different animal altogether. ThatRacingChannel has just uploaded a clip of the 6'3" 240lbs NFL defensive standout going for a spin in the powerful brute of a rally-car-for-the-road and the end result isn't unexpected: he loved it. And love it he should, considering its 10-second quarter mile time.

To get there, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX has had its engine rebuilt and fitted with an HTA GT3794 turbo kit to produce that landmark 808 hp. So it's not surprising that after the drive, Burnett remarked that the Evo is the fastest car he has ever been in - including the pair of Godzillas in his garage.

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