NFL Superstar Marshawn Lynch Creates Ultimate 'Beast Mode' Off-Roader

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This Jeep is definitely 'bout that action, boss.

NFL running back Marshawn Lynch is known for making plays and for having few things to say to reporters. Oh, and he also loves Skittles. Last time we saw Lynch on CarBuzz it was because he and teammate Fred Jackson were in a bit of hot water for some alleged street racing. This time we're focusing on Lynch for this awesome custom Jeep he had made. The all-black off-roader has green accents and plenty of "Beast Mode" branding. For those that don't know, Beast Mode is Lynch's nickname.

Fun fact: It's also the name of his apparel company. Anyway, the Jeep reportedly has $100,000 worth of extras, including custom paint, a new sound system and fancy leather. Now this may seem like another example of an athlete balling just to ball, and that's partially true. While this Jeep is Lynch's, 24 other custom examples will be made and sold at McLoughlin Chrysler Jeep in Milwaukie, Oregon. Each one will be custom but no two will be alike. Best of all, parts of each sale will go to Lynch's Fam 1st Family Foundation which works with underprivileged youths.

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