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NHTSA Investigating VW Jetta and Ford Mustang

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The NHTSA is looking into potentially dangerous problems with the 2011 Ford Mustang, VW diesel Jetta and diesel Golf.

Reports out of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have confirmed that investigations are ongoing into automakers Volkswagen and Ford. VW Jettas with diesel engines are reportedly having fuel leaks and Ford Mustangs with manual transmissions have had apparent aberrant shifting. VW's diesel Golf also experienced fuel leaks as well. Seven complaints regarding fuel leakage from the fuel line into the fuel injector have spurred the NHTSA into action.

They are investigating roughly 40,000 2011 Jetta TDIs. Apparently, the common rail fuel system on the diesel Jetta runs at a very high fuel injection pressure, around 26,000psi. The leaks occurred in fairly new models with mileage ranges between 2,470-7,764. The VW Golf also runs the same 2.0-liter TDI engine and has experienced the similar problems. The Safety Administration is also looking into reports that the 2011-12 Ford Mustang equipped with manual transmissions fails to shift properly or sometimes not at all. 26,000 units are in question as the NHTSA has received complaints from 32 different sources.

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They claim that while turning left or traveling at high speeds they were unable to properly change gear and almost crash. If there is any basis in these claims, the automaker usually recalls the vehicles in question or the government revs up their investigation within a year after the completion of the initial inquiry.