Nifty Nissan Juke Tunings

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Yes, it has a love it or hate it front-end design, by the Nissan Juke has spawned some interesting tuning jobs.

The Nissan Juke is not exactly the first vehicle that comes to mind when people think of tuning. Nissan's mini-crossover has some speed, but nobody expects to see Vin Diesel racing around in some international locale in the quirky crossover. If I were Dominic Toretto I would consider dropping my American muscle cars in favor of something a little smaller and lighter after seeing all of these tuned Jukes. Then again, there's something about that front-end design that doesn't always sit right.

U.S. tuners Fox Marketing are celebrating their 12th anniversary by giving the Nissan Juke a 400hp makeover. The U.S. company, inspired by the Juke-R, have given the Juke a completely new look inside and out. Aside from the engine, the Fox Marketing Juke will feature a completely new braking system with 14-inch 6-piston calipers, 20-inch alloy wheels and a "Foxy Orange" paint job.

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The NISMO Juke may be the only tuned Juke on this list that will ever be available to a broad range of buyers. Nissan's in-house tuning department unveiled the leaner and meaner Juke at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The NISMO Juke has an aerodynamic body kit, a modified engine (specifics were kept hush-hush), new brakes and tires. The NISMO Juke looks good, but Nissan would not say whether or not it would go into production.

Japanese tuners Impul gave the Juke a complete facelift giving it a new grille, side skirts, rear spoiler, front spoiler, wing and side visor. The Impul Juke has an upgraded engine featuring a new exhaust setup, computer system and throttle body. The braking system has also been upgraded and features new brake pads, shocks and springs.

I'll briefly explain the awesomeness that is the Juke-R in case you've had your head buried in the sand these last few months. Nissan engineers in the U.K. crammed the guts of a GT-R into the Juke. The result is the amazing Juke-R. The Juke-R can do 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 160 mph. Oh, and it looks pretty epic too.

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