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Nio Eve Concept Envisions Future Of Autonomous Cars With AI Tech

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Following the electric EP9 supercar, the autonomous Nio Eve Concept features AI tech that learns about its occupants.

Formerly known as NextEV, electric carmaker Nio has been making waves with the 1,341-hp EP9 supercar, which has been declared as the fastest autonomous car in the world having set blistering lap records at the Nurburgring and, more recently, the Circuit of the Americas. Now, the startup firm has revealed its latest creation: the Nio Eve concept, an autonomous car with a focus on luxury and AI technology rather than performance in contrast to the EP9.

Citing that US citizens spent eight billion hours commuting in their cars in 2015, Nio wants to make that journey less laborious with autonomous electric cars that will make your journey "safe, productive and enjoyable." Unlike other cars, Nio is pitching the Eve as a "digital companion" and a "robot on wheels" that actively learns about its occupants and their preferences.

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This is achieved through Nio's NOMI software, an artificial intelligence platform with "an intuitive human interface" that provides verbal and visual connections. Its active glass also incorporates augmented reality technology to provide new kinds of in-car entertainment. Access to the inviting cabin is made easy through a wide forward-sliding door, thanks to a lack of conventional A and B pillars. The interior acts as a spacious lounge area, featuring a folding table which acts as a work or play space, or occupants can use the reclining seat to relax or sleep while the car is driven autonomously.

At the front, occupants can enjoy a panoramic view, and traditional cabin buttons are replaced with digital displays on the active glass to support non-autonomous driving. No technical specifications were provided - so far. Nio has only confirmed that the powertrain is entirely electric. Looking at the bigger picture, the Eve concept represents Nio's vision for the car of the future, as it has announced plans to introduce autonomous electric cars to the American market in 2020.