Niro Concept Continues to Prove Kia isn't so Boring After All

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Kia officially unveils the concept that will likely one day turn into a Nissan Juke fighter.

Late last month, Kia released a few images of its latest concept, called the Niro, and we liked what we saw. Today at Frankfurt, the South Korean automaker has taken the sheets off what will likely turn into an eventual Nissan Juke fighter. Powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine with about 160 horsepower sent to the front wheels, there's also an electric-hybrid system that receives its power from regenerative braking. It then sends 45 hp to the rear wheels when road conditions require extra grip.

Both engines are paired to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Those butterfly doors, which won't make it to production, open into the roof panel and swing up high and have low-set flush handles. Even part of the rear cluster swings up as a part of the hatch architecture to give good light and visibility into the cargo space. Designed for an "urban lifestyle," the Niro Concept is certainly intriguing to look at and we especially like the continued evolution of the brand's signature "tiger-nose" grille and those big 20-inch five-spoke wheels. What we'll have to wait and see is how much Kia will water-down the styling for the eventual production version.

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