Nismo Bringing Nissan GT-R Le Mans Racer To Chicago Along With Mystery Concept

It's the mystery concept that we're more interested in.

Let's be upfront about this, Nissan's GT-R LM Nismo LMP1 Le Mans racer, revealed earlier this week, is basically the weirdest thing to happen in motorsports in a long time. The 1,250-horsepower front-engine and front-wheel-drive(!) race car is thoroughly unlike any other Le Mans prototype, and we absolutely love the determined weirdness of the thing. That said, upon hearing that Nissan was bringing the car along with another Nismo concept to Chicago, it was the latter that was most interesting.

This is because, quite simply, we have a much better chance of driving and/or owning whatever the other concept is. There have been some great Nismo products built for the road, and Nissan will bring Nismo editions of the 2015 GT-R as well as 2013's Nismo Sentra concept to sit alongside the other performance models that will be shown at the Chicago Auto Show, just to make sure you remember. We don't know yet what the concept will be, apart from the fact that it won't be any of those already named, or one of the recent Nismo models already revealed. But feel free to wildly speculate.

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