Nismo Brings Classic GT-R Skylines Back To Life

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With a full restoration.

In the world of high-performance Japanese sports cars, few vehicles are as highly regarded as the Nissan Skyline family, especially the potent GT-R version. R32, R33, and R34 Skyline GT-Rs have become modern classics, and are selling for astronomical amounts of money across the globe, and now legendary Nissan tuner Nismo has launched a restoration business called "Nismo Restored Car" that aims to keep these Japanese beasts on the road for years to come.

The 2021 Nissan GT-R Nismo might be the ultimate Nissan performance car going, but the level of detail that goes into these restorations makes it seem like a mere appliance.

Nismo Nismo Nismo Nismo

Since 2017, Nismo has been working hand-in-hand with Nissan to sell genuine parts whose manufacture has been discontinued, but now Nismo will be selling complete cars and restoring cars that are brought to its facilities. According to Nismo, the plan is to "get close to new car level performance on GT-R models which have started to obtain new value globally. These cars will go to future generations in better condition."

Nismo plans to exhibit a restored car, based on the BNR32, at BH Auction Japan to showcase the parts and services on offer.

Nismo Nismo Nismo Nismo

Nismo defines its restoration process as the "visualization of performance as the results of restoration", and divides its work up into four categories, namely body, engine, interior, and inspection. Starting with the body, Nismo carries out body-in-white torsional stiffness measurements, body dimension measurement, and finally repaints the entire shell. The engine undergoes a complete disassembly and rebuild, as well as benchtop performance measurements. Engine modifications are also on offer. The interior can be restored with R35 GT-R material, and after the restoration has been completed, Nismo makes a final check and lets a professional driver do a shakedown on a private track for peace of mind. With manufacturers such as Honda bringing out parts for the S2000, it is good to see that JDM classics are getting the love they deserve.

Nismo Nismo Nismo Nismo

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