Nismo Unveils New Tuning Package For The Nissan Z

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Nissan's performance wing says customers can expect increased engine outputs and improved throttle response.

If you're a Nissan Z owner craving more power, you'll be delighted to know Nismo has announced a new tuning package for the desirable sports car.

Nissan's performance arm says the Nismo Sports Resetting Type 2 increases engine outputs by tuning the boost circulation and fettling with the ignition timing. It's not the only benefit of the package. Nismo claims the response has been improved in the low to medium rev range, which provides superior acceleration for automatic gearbox models in sport mode.

Opting for this upgrade won't require massive changes; it's simply a matter of fitting a Nismo ECM before you're enjoying even more power.


How much power? Oddly, Nismo has yet to state how much extra muscle the upgrade affords. Then again, even the most minor change will surely enhance the Z's driving experience. As a reminder, the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 (VR30DDTT) engine musters up a fairly potent 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.

This upgrade remains the reserve of the Nissan Z for now, but we're wondering whether it could be applied to the Infiniti Q50 and Q60, which utilize the same powerplant. We also expect Nismo to introduce additional performance upgrades for the latest Z car.

Nissan recently previewed a hotted-up Z with Nismo parts at SEMA 2022. Upgrades included a coil-over suspension kit, a cold air intake, forged wheels, a Nismo exhaust, and more.

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Nismo's Sports Resetting Type-2 is well worth the outlay. Priced at ¥143,000 (approx $1,059 at the time of writing), it's a relatively affordable upgrade. What's more, the cost includes pre-inspection, pre-delivery inspection, and labor. There's no word yet on whether this is available in the USA.

Coupled with the new tuning package, these handling upgrades could turn the Nissan Z into a serious racetrack marauder.

Like its predecessors, the Z will undoubtedly amass a massive following in the aftermarket scene. We've already seen examples with 700 horsepower tearing up the drag strip, and it's expected to make its cinematic debut in the next Fast & Furious movie, wearing a Veilside body kit.

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