Nissan 370Z Made Girly with Splash of Purple

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A Nissan 370Z receives a touch of purple trim it didn't really need or deserve.

Female celebrities like Paris Hilton are known for turning once great-looking high-performance exotics into cars with the most horrific of paint jobs. Just look at that pink Bentley Continental GT she owns. It ain't pretty. In the case of this Nissan 370Z, its new purple trim certainly isn't for everyone but it's still much less offensive than Paris's pink fetish. Miami-based Vossen Wheels are the ones behind this project, which includes a new set of 20" wheels that are finished in a two-tone purple and white.

The car has also been outfitted with an aero kit that consists of front and rear bumpers, front fender trim pieces and a rear wing. All of those new elements are done in matching purple. Carscoops claims the kit is likely from Japanese tuner Amuse and starts at about $3,700. Those Vossen Wheels set carries a price tag of around $2,400. The interior has also been spiffied up some and includes a new audio system setup. So is this something for Paris or would you be willing to drive it?

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