Nissan 370Z Touring by K3 Projekt

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The wheel specialist has taken a 2009 Nissan 370Z Touring with Sport Package and given it new lease of life.

The wheel maker from Miami K3 Projekt has revealed these images of one of its maiden projects of 2013, based on the 2009 Nissan 370Z Touring. The model used for the aftermarket program comes with Nissan's Sport Package, and features the wheel specialist's 20-inch Projekt 1 alloys as well as a host of aesthetic and performance mods. Compared to the stock 370Z, the tuned version here is a completely different animal featuring, as it does, a Sunline Racing carbon-fiber lip and add-on spoiler, and Evo-R carbon-fiber rear diffuser, B-pillar and side mirrors.

K3's latest creation also boasts custom rear side blades, red carbon-fiber interior accents courtesy of Carbon Signal who also supplied a wide vented fender, and a carbon-fiber engine cover. Performance upgrades include Stillen Generation 3 cold-air intakes and lightweight pully, Z1 test pipes, modified Invidia cat backs, front and rear 20mm and 25mm Ichia spacers, and powder-coated Akebono brakes.

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