Nissan 390Z Concept Rumored For Tokyo Motor Show Reveal

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Rumors also suggest that the new Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-9 will debut at the show.

To say that the ancient Nissan 370Z is long overdue an update is an understatement. The Japanese sports car was released way back in 2009, and was perceived at the time as a minor update to its predecessor, the 350Z, which launched in 2003, thanks to its similar styling. In car years, that's an eternity. The 50th anniversary of the iconic Nissan Z car is fast approaching, so it seems likely that Nissan will release a 370Z successor to mark the occasion.


Rumors are now suggesting that this car will be previewed in the form of a 390Z concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. According to AutoBild, the design of the 390Z Concept will be heavily inspired by the current GT-R. Nissan will also sell the production model at a much higher price than the current 370Z, suggesting that the automaker is aiming for a more premium market. These details have obviously not been verified yet, though, so it's probably best to take this information with a pinch of salt for now. The German publication also claims that the long-rumored Mazda RX-9 will be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show.

This isn't the first time that claim has been made, as rumors of the RX-8 successor were recently reignited. It will reportedly launch in 2019 with similar styling to the stunning 2015 RX Vision concept and a new rotary engine that could pack 400 horsepower. Out of the three cars that Autobild claims will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, the new Toyota Supra seems the most likely since we've already seen the test mule in spy videos. Recent reports suggest that it will be powered by a BMW 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine packing 248 horsepower and a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six with around 335 horsepower.

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Disappointingly, there won't be a manual option, so purists may want to stick with the Toyota 86. If any of these cars are due to be revealed at the show, expect to find out more in the coming months leading up to the Tokyo Motor Show in October.

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