Nissan Altima Wagon Could Be The Sleek Wagon We've Always Dreamed Of


Not just for soccer moms.

Basically combine the Nissan Altima and Murano crossover into a single model and you've got this rendering. We make no secret of our admiration for wagons and disappointment that automakers are so unwilling to offer them. Crossovers are just too profitable. But since the demise of the Dodge Magnum, there's a niche in the US market that's just waiting to be filled. If a wagon is done right and doesn't look like the Honda Crosstour or Toyota Venza, then there's a greater chance people will consider buying them.

So perhaps Nissan is in the best position to consider entering this segment: turn the Altima sedan into a wagon. Theophilus Chin has the same idea and his rendering result looks pretty damn cool. There's definitely a touch of Murano styling here, notably behind the C-pillar, but marketed right and something like this may just stand a chance.

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