Nissan and Eau Rouge Fighting Over a Name

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Belgian Formula 1 track is fighting Infiniti's trademark request.

Since its unveiling at the Detroit Motor Show last year, enthusiasts have been hailing the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge as one of the best things to come from the company in quite some time. This became especially true once it was confirmed that a production model would be fitted with the manic Nissan GT-R's engine. But apparently, this enthusiasm isn't shared by everyone. The Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium, which is home to the car's namesake, says that Nissan wants "to steal the brand from the circuit."

When Nissan applied to trademark "Eau Rouge" for its upcoming performance sedan, representatives of the track announced they would contest its appeal. Speaking to Bloomberg, director of Spa-Francorchamps, Pierre-Alain Thibaut, said "We consider it exactly the opposite of fair play." The track obtained a European Union trademark for the name last April, and is expected to contest the US application when it opens up for complaints on November 4.

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