Nissan and Ministry of Sound Collaborate on the Juke Box

The most powerful sound system on the road will debut at Le Mans.

Nissan is claiming to have created the world's most powerful sound system on the road With up to 150db on tap, the Juke Box is 'louder than a jumbo jet in take-off,' and was built in collaboration with the Ministry of Sound.

The world's ultimate mobile sound system was worked on by sound expert Martin Audio, responsible for the original 'Box' room in the MOS' London abode. A visit to 'The Box' is a must for any clubber visiting the capital, as the five-sided, acoustically perfect room, is widely regarded as one of the best sound systems in the world.

All their technical wizardry was used in developing the 18,900W sound system, which fits neatly into a standard Juke thanks to a custom 19kw rig. Custom-made cabinets and enclosures house sub units and the same Mid Hi enclosures used at the MOS, which allow for staggeringly loud output without compromising on sound quality. The Nissan Juke Box also transforms into a PA system, complete with DJ booth and ambient lighting, ideal for those impromptu raves to break up a long journey. The Juke Box will debut at Le Mans this weekend, where some of MOS' headline DJs will keep race goers entertained throughout the night.

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