Nissan Awkwardly Asks Olympic Athletes To Endorse Its Cars

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This ends better than you think.

Sometimes product placement is really easy. Audi struck gold when it made the R8 the car of choice for Iron Man Tony Stark. But sometimes, product placement can be a tricky thing. The 2016 Olympic games are in full swing, and plenty of carmakers want a piece of the advertising pie. We have seen some really cool Olympic car ads in the past, like the one of a Jeep Renegade fording a white-water raft course. Then there were those special Rolls-Royces built for the London Olympics. At Rio, Nissan seems to be having a hard time.

Nissan is the proud sponsor of the British Olympic and Paralympic teams. These commercials are clearly a joke, but Nissan is shown asking the athletes to do some very ridiculous things to promote the brand. Some of our favorites include asking runners to pretend to steer a car and using puns with the word "leaf."

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