Nissan Becomes Latest Automaker To Admit To Cheating On Emissions Tests

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At this point, we wouldn't be surprised if everyone cheated.

The hits just keep coming. Not long after Volkswagen was fined billions of dollars for cheating on diesel emissions tests, other automakers have been caught doing the same thing. Fiat was found to have cheat devices on some of its models, and Subaru admitted to falsifying data after an investigation was conducted. According to BBC News, Nissan is the latest automaker to admit to falsifying emissions data. Now the Japanese automaker will likely have to pay the price.

Nissan didn't comment on exactly how many cars are effected, but said that the emissions and fuel economy tests "deviated from the prescribed testing environment." The fuel economy figures for 19 vehicles sold in Japan are not in line with domestic standards because the inspection reports were based on "altered measurements." It seems this issue is contained to Nissan cars that were sold in Japan, not models that were exported to other markets. This slip up by Nissan is nowhere near as serious as the VW scandal, but it will have a negative impact on the company. Nissan shares dropped 5% on announcing the news, their lowest point in over a year.


The issue was discovered during a voluntary investigation, and Nissan says it will conduct further investigations to discover the root of the problem, which could take a month or longer. With these types of scandals, we typically see an executive step down or face legal consequences, so we wouldn't be surprised to see someone from Nissan take the blame here.


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