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Nissan Bladeglider Off to Tokyo, Then Production


Three-seat narrow-track concept is the first EV sports car we really want.

This is the future of Nissan’s sports cars. With a name as cool as its design, the Bladeglider concept will debut later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show and is destined for the production line. A bird’s eye view of the car instantly reminds us of the DeltaWing, whose skinny front end design and rear weight bias has been carried over to the Bladeglider. It has 70 percent of its weight in the rear and a one-meter wide front track. The advantage of the front wheels being close together is that the load is shared between them.

That keeps the car rooted to the ground while giving it superb maneuverability through high-G cornering. The aerodynamic carbon-fiber underbody also helps to keep the car well planted. In-wheel electric motors provide rear-wheel propulsion and are managed independently. Without a conventional engine to deal with, designers were able to be creative with the upper body and interior. The result is McLaren F1 style seating with the driver’s chair seated ahead of the trio, affording the driver an uninterrupted view of the road. Long, upward-opening doors make for easy rear access, while the state-of-the-art steering wheel and instrumentation are in keeping with its futuristic design.

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