Nissan BladeGlider to Become Industry's Handling Benchmark

Bosses of Nissan’s new electric sports car believe the rest of the industry will one day benchmark the handling of their cars against the BladeGlider.

Not only is the Nissan BladeGlider destined for production, it also has the potential to become a handling benchmark for the entire automotive industry. The electric sports car is “the nicest handling car you will ever drive,” according to its designer Ben Bowlby. Nissan predicts the three-seat narrow-track sports car will be in production within three years, sitting below the 370Z in the carmaker’s lineup.

Bowlby said the BladeGlider offers “a whole new experience” with “extreme handling” and according to Nissan’s engineering boss Andy Palmer “is unlike anything I have sampled before.” The key to its unique behavior is the narrow front track coupled with large rear tires, slippery aerodynamics and the twin in-wheel rear electric motors that are independently managed.

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