Nissan Building New Parts For R33 And R34 Skyline GT-R

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Illegal right now. Give it time.

The only 1990s era Nissan GT-R one can legally import to the US right now is the R32. While you can import the R33 Skyline, the R33 GT-R will be eligible to be brought to the US in a few years' time, once its 25-year launch date anniversary passes. We suspect that many buyers and specialty importers will be ready. The R34, however, is still several years away from its American "debut." But somehow, a few have managed to import them into the country.

In preparation for the R33's US arrival as well as existing examples and other R34s throughout the world, Nissan has just announced another NISMO Heritage Parts Program for these two old Skylines.

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Around 160 parts are being made available, including vital mechanical bits to body parts. If you recall, Nissan launched a similar program for the R32 Skyline about a year ago with a total of 80 parts in its respective catalog. The R32 was built from 1989 until 1994 and its R33 successor also arrived later in '94. Both were powered by the same twin-turbo inline-six, but the R33 featured many updates, among them improved handling and more aggressive styling. It wasn't until 1998 when the R34 arrived, which has since become legendary. The NISMO Heritage Parts program is actually a multi-company joint effort, as both NISMO and Nissan are taking part along with Autech Japan, a Japanese tuning company long associated with Nissan.


Based on the high demand for the R32 parts program, Nissan decided to go ahead with that car's two immediate successors. At the same time, additional parts are being made available for the R32, specifically hard-to-find components like weather stripping and power windows. Nissan is now claiming its NISMO Heritage Parts program has the largest selection of parts for these specific vehicles, which is actually kind of rare for an OEM. But Nissan and NISMO listen to the R32, R32, and R34 owners, and remain loyal to them throughout the decades.


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