Nissan Buyers Can Now Completely Avoid Dealerships

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The automaker has officially launched Nissan@Home.

Nissan has joined a growing list of automakers, including Porsche and Ford, with the launch of a dedicated online shopping platform. Introducing Nissan@Home which, as its name clearly implies, allows customers the opportunity to conduct the entire vehicle buying process from home, including scheduling a test drive. There's no need to set foot in a dealership. Simply by using their home computer, tablet, or smartphone, buyers can schedule a test drive, manage the buying process, schedule delivery, and handle all service needs.

Customers can go to a dealership at any time during the process for any reason. Transactions don't even have to be completed from home, just wherever there's online access such as coffee shops.

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"Nissan@Home gives customers what they're asking for - the ability to purchase a vehicle on their terms," said Dan Mohnke, Nissan vice president for e-commerce. "Through this new program, Nissan dealers can provide a better customer experience which can, in turn, help improve their own business performance. It's an important first for Nissan, and a great value to our customers."

Nissan rolled out this new program relatively quickly. Last summer, a pilot program was initiated that included seven dealerships in just a few states including Michigan, Texas, and Florida. Every participating dealership quickly recommended for the program to be expanded nationwide.


Automakers have been forced to adapt to the new normal brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and online shopping offers a very convenient and quick way for customers to conduct business. "You see what's happening now with holiday shopping. Online buying is massive and absolutely what today's consumer is wanting. Covid-19 has only increased that demand," said one Nissan dealership owner.

The new program also comes at a good time for the automaker, which has faced financial hardships for the past two years. Core models like the Nissan Rogue and Sentra are vital to the company's success and it will soon launch its second electric vehicle alongside the Leaf, the Ariya. Not all Nissan dealerships have signed up for Nissan@Home just yet but enrollment is now open and the hope is that most will do so by this spring.

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