Nissan Car Sales Sucked, But SUVs And Trucks Made Up For It


When is Nissan just going to go all-in on SUVs?

Take a look around the auto industry, and you'll soon see that pickup trucks and SUVs are dominating in terms of sales. Nissan was even forced to cut production due to a sales drop, but the company's August sales figures show a nice rebound thanks to strong truck and SUV sales. Nissan's total sales rose by 3.7% to 112,376 units in August and the company hopes it can take advantage of its strong SUV, crossover, and truck lineup to continue boosting sales.

Nissan just invested over $170 million to produce the new 2019 Altima, but looking at the sales figures, we aren't sure why Nissan even bothers building sedans anymore. Overall, car sales dropped by 16% while SUVs and pickups rose by 20%. Trucks are now outselling cars by two-to-one in the United States. Overall, Nissan sales are down 4.8% this year, while Infiniti is down by 8.2%.

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Infiniti did score a few wins in August with QX50 sales increasing by 78.8% and QX80 sales increasing by 18.5%. Almost all Infiniti car models dropped in sales, except the Q50, which increased by 0.5%. Some of Nissan's biggest winners included Leaf (up 14%), Murano (up 97%), Pathfinder (up 31%), Titan (up 32%), and Rogue (up 12%). Notice anything about those winners?

Among the biggest sales losers were the Maxima (down 38%), 370Z (down 24%), Sentra (down 12%), and Versa (down 53%). As expected, the biggest sales losers were cars. How long before Nissan takes a leaf out of Ford's book and stops selling them?