Nissan Celebrates National Donut Day With A 370Z And 2,880 Pounds Of Sprinkles

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So this is how they're made...

Chances are you didn't know today was National Donut Day. That's okay because Nissan isn't letting you-or anyone else on the Internet-forget. The automaker has created this charming little video starring a tray of donuts, a 370Z, pro drifter Chris Forsberg and 2,880 pounds of sprinkles. Forsberg plays the role of "head baker" here, doing donuts in the pile of sprinkles to ensure that they get to where they need to be: on some freshly glazed donuts. Get it, because it's National Donut Day?!

While the video is a little cheesy it's kind of cool to see a 370Z spray sprinkles everywhere. It's also nice that Nissan doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. Could you imagine BMW ever doing something like this?

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