Nissan CEO Confirms: Datsun Revival Not for the U.S.

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It's official (for now): The revived Datsun will remain as an emerging market brand.

Just a few weeks ago, Nissan announced they were reviving the long-dormant Datsun brand. Many fans were immediately excited, which sadly didn't last for long. This revival will only be spreading as far as emerging markets such as India, Russia, and Indonesia. In other words, the "new" Datsun won't become a new U.S. Nissan subrand. Instead, the plan is to sell small and inexpensive cars designed specifically for the needs of those markets and not the U.S.

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, stated that the revived brand "will bring modern, high-value and high-quality products to people in some of the world's fastest growing markets...this is an exciting way to target millions of people joining the middle classes around the world." There's still one small glimmer of hope, however. Ghosn specifically said there are "currently" no plans for a Datsun U.S. return, which doesn't mean it'll never happen. Hey, in this business, anything is possible.

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