Autonomous Car

Nissan CEO Promises Autonomous Cars By 2020

The future is soon. Potentially bad news for enthusiasts.

At a recent press conference, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn announced the carmaker would be able to bring autonomous cars to the market by the year 2020. Quite a few different companies have been working on this technology for several years now, but few have committed to a specific year for their release. So if Nissan manages to follow through on this, the company should be a leader in autonomous cars.

Nissan has already been working with researchers at MIT, Stanford and Oxford to develop a system by which a car can drive itself. Nissan’s system is called Autonomous Drive and it employs the usual array of cameras, lasers and radar to monitor the environment. These are run through a sophisticated computer system equipped with AI to deal with the changing road conditions. Therein lies one of Nissan’s biggest problems in introducing these systems: cost. These systems are still incredibly expensive, and although costs should come down somewhat by 2020, one has to wonder just how cost effective Nissan can make them.

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