Nissan Confirms Revival of Datsun Brand

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After a 31 year absence, the Datsun brand is officially coming back - just not to North America and Europe.

A couple of weeks ago, we got wind that Nissan was considering bringing back Datsun as a low-cost brand for emerging markets. At the time it was still just a rumor, but today Nissan has announced they are moving forward with this plan. According to a report from Reuters, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn just announced that his company plans to invest $400 million in Indonesia over the next two years with the revived Datsun. They want to double their hiring efforts and triple the number of their dealerships.

Although there are currently no plans to sell the revived brand in North America and Europe, Nissan's goal is to strengthen their presence in countries such as Indonesia, India, and Russia. The Datsun brand was discontinued back in 1981 when the automaker renamed itself Nissan in North America. In its revived state, however, Datsun will consist of small and affordable cars and trucks that are not only fuel efficient, but will also offer a lot of standard features. No exact time frame has been announced, but it's likely that Nissan wants to get Datsun up and running due to ever increasing competition in those aforementioned countries.

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