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Nissan Crowd-Sources Juke Prototype

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Nissan is taking suggestions via Twitter on what systems it should include on a special Juke it's outfitting for driver development.

Nissan knows a thing or two about honing amateurs into professional racing drivers. It made headlines by taking video gamers and putting them on the race track. Now Nissan is taking a new step in driver development, and asking for your help. The company's European division is taking a Juke and transforming it into a rolling telematics laboratory to further hone driver skill. It's brought former F1 driver and Le Mans winner Johnny Herbert on board to help train the young drivers, but the rest it's leaving up to you.

Nissan is planning on fitting the Juke with all manner of electronic systems to measure how its drivers perform. It'll have a Skycam drone that can take off and land on the roof, but it's asking the Twitterverse for suggestions on what else it should include. Tweet your idea with #Jukeride and they just might use it.

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