Nissan Delivers Juke-R #001

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First customer Juke-R has even more power than the concept. But if you don't have the $650,000 on hand, at least you'll be able to drive it on your smartphone.

With the 478-horsepower engine from the 2010 Nissan GT-R propelling it to 62 in 3.7 seconds and on to a 160mph top speed, it'd be hard to find a faster crossover than the Juke-R. But now that Nissan has delivered the first customer example of its extreme tall-hatch, more power is exactly what it found. By fitting the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 from a newer GT-R, Nissan has upped the muscle in Juke-R #001 to 545 horsepower, taking it to 62 in an estimated three seconds flat and on to 170 mph.

The first customer Juke-R has ditched the sinister matte black finish of the concept for a sparkling coat of white, which only helps show off the tweaked front end, carbon trim, rear diffuser and additional cooling vents on the production version. What's more is that, with the second example already under construction, the Nissan Technical Centre Europe and the RML racing team with which it has partnered will build you one, too, assuming you have the £400,000 (or $650k) to pony up. If you don't, though, Nissan has the 200-horsepower Juke Nismo to offer.

Don't have the scratch together for that, either? Nissan has teamed up with Gameloft to include both the Juke-R and the Juke Nismo in the new "Asphalt 7: Heat" mobile racing game, which you can check out in the brief video clip below.

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