Nissan Developing Experimental Racer for Le Mans

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The revamped Nismo performance division has some tricks up its sleeve, but not only for road cars.

If you were disappointed by the announcement that Nissan was withdrawing from the DeltaWing program, we've got good news, because Nissan has announced its intent to develop its own experimental racer in-house. The announcement was made by Nissan's chief executive Carlos Ghosn during the opening of a new headquarters for the company's performance division Nismo, which will handle the new racecar project.


Ghosn didn't reveal much about the project, only stating that it will incorporate electric vehicle technology (in some form) and that it will enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014 in the same Garage 56 slot that the DeltaWing occupied previously. Beyond that, Nissan is considering developing its own LMP1 to challenge for overall victory at Le Mans, much as Toyota recently did. Meanwhile Nissan will continue powering a third of the LMP2 grid, while competing in GT3 racing, Japan's Super GT series and with its new Altima four-car entry in Australia's V8 Supercars series.

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