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Nissan Donates $110k One-Off GT-R "Predzilla" For Charity Auction

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Nashville Predators + Godzilla = Predzilla. Get it now?

Nissan has announced that it's donated a one-off 2017 GT-R to the Nashville Predators Foundation, a local charity that supports organizations that promote, as just two examples, pediatric cancer treatment and research, and violence against women. The 565-hp GT-R is the Premium trim and it was painted in a unique livery in honor of the Nashville Predators NHL hockey team, which won the 2017 Western Conference Championship. Nashville, Tennessee, also just so happens to be the home of Nissan's North American headquarters.

"Today, Nissan is making the largest one-time contribution to the Nashville Predators Foundation and with that, giving one lucky bidder the opportunity to show off their Preds Pride every time they drive Predzilla," stated Predators President and CEO Sean Henry. Predzilla, as you've probably figured by now, is the official name of this one-off GT-R.

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Aside from the livery, the Predzilla is identical to all other 2017 GT-R Premiums. In order to take part in the auction, which is now live, you can either text "Nissan" to 52182 or go to www.Nissan.gesture.com to place a bid. Whoever wins the auction will receive a pair of 2017-18 Predators season tickets and a parking pass for the Sixth Avenue Garage.