Nissan Drops Price of 2014 370Z by $3k

A price drop for the 2014 370Z could mean that it's replacement is closer to production than we thought.

$3,000. That’s almost enough for a Ferrari F12 cup holder. Or more precisely, Nissan has announced that it will reduce the price of its 2014 370Z base coupe by $3,130. The price tag for the upgraded Touring model will drop by $2,550. Pricing for the Roadster and 370Z NISMO remain unchanged from last year. But the bottom line is this: The base 2014 Nissan 370Z equipped with a six-speed manual will set you back only $29,990, not including the $790 destination and handling charge. The top dog 370Z NISMO costs $43,020 while the Roadster is stickered at $41,470.

So what’s the reasoning behind Nissan’s generosity? The Japanese automaker obviously isn’t saying, but we have our theories. First off, there’s now fresh competition in the two-seater RWD coupe market coming from the Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S twins. Secondly, Nissan could very well be trying to clear out its stock of 370Zs simply because the next-gen model is just around the corner. Both possibilities make sense, and we’ve known for some time that Nissan is working on its next Z car. Regardless of whenever that car comes to fruition, the fact that you can get a RWD sports coupe with a 3.7-liter V6 for just over $30k brand new is quite a solid deal.

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