Nissan e-NV 200 Concept Makes its Detroit Debut


The new EV concept is derived from a road going version that starting next year will supply New York City with thousands of taxis.

Nissan has revealed its second concept at this year's Detroit Auto Show and this time, as befit this EV pioneer, it's yet another pure electric. The name e-NV200 might sound familiar to your ears, since the gasoline engine production version is already on the roads in more than 40 countries and was also selected by New York City authorities to replace the current New York taxi as of 2013. It also might look familiar since it is clearly based on the NV200, although with a few upgrades.

The front end is very much like that of the Leaf. Even the color, Aqua Blue, is the one that was sprayed years ago on the Leaf Concept. That color, according to Nissan "expresses a sense of environmental friendliness." Nissan claims the e-NV200 suits businesses and families alike, though the former are expected to supply the larger customer base. It's storing electric energy in a 48 cell lithium-ion battery pack that feeds an 80hp 207lb-ft of torque electric motor. Unlike a conventional gasoline engine, the motor delivers 100 percent of its torque from the start with immediate response bringing excellent acceleration and a smooth, comfortable driving feel.

Also unlike conventional engine cars, there are only two gears: one forwards the other one backward. There's also plenty of luggage space along with two sliding rear doors and digital gauges. Last year, Nissan tested three electric taxis with a battery exchange mechanism, but no plans for actual production of this type were announced. A more road worthy version of the e-NV200 Concept started real world trials a few months ago, first in Japan and now also in London.


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