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Nissan Europe Says These Are Its 15 Most Significant Designs In 15 Years

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The Micra somehow made it.

Back in 2003, Nissan opened its design studio in London and it's been churning out everything from beautiful, to interesting, to the outright strange ever since. Whether you like some of the results or not, no doubt many have had a significant impact on the industry at large (think the Juke). In celebration of its 15th anniversary, the studio has released what it claims are its 15 most significant creations. Called Nissan Design Europe (NDE), here those vehicles, some of which are concepts, and some are their production-spec counterparts.

It all began with the Qashqai concept in 2003, which previewed what's become one of the most popular crossovers in Europe. The Micra c+c followed, and it too went into production. The Terranout concept later became the Pathfinder, but not the US market (crossover) version. Other concept designs that later made production include the NV200 concept van from 2007, the Juke in 2010, and the Infiniti QX30 concept. We were also happy to see last year's Infiniti Q60 Project Black S make the list, which hints at a high performance hybrid powertrain. One of the more strange concepts is the Blade Glider prototype. And then there's the Gripz concept.

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Now, if you lower its ride height and give it a set of smaller wheels, we could be looking at an early preview of a new Z car, though Nissan continues to deny that. We're hopeful. Mamoru Aoki, vice president of Nissan Design Europe, commented: "NDE has made an outstanding contribution to Nissan's global product range of today, especially with the Qashqai and Juke, which have delivered new levels of choice, versatility and innovation for consumers."