Nissan Fairlady X SUV Is Part Murano, Part Z Car, All Weird

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This quirky creation is the work of students at the Nissan Gakuen college in Japan.

If you've ever wondered what a Nissan Z SUV would look like, wonder no more. Students at the automaker's Gakuen college in Japan have designed just that, grafting the Z coupe's front and rear end onto a Murano crossover.

The Fairlady X, as it's known by the team who created it, may not be the most beautiful vehicle out there, but it's an impressive feat when you consider the work that's gone into building this bizarre mash-up. Both vehicles have massively different proportions, so it's not as simple as fitting the bumpers and components from the Z onto the taller body of the Murano and calling it a day.

Plenty of fabrication must have gone into this build, as the front bumper appears to be a custom job. The front end has been elongated, along with the front grille, while several of the Z's signature details have been adapted to the Murano.

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Around back, you'll find the Fairlady Z's LED taillights and gloss black strip (inspired by the Z32 300ZX) have been neatly integrated into the Murano's rear fascia. There's no faulting the execution, but the sports car's components sit at odds with the SUV's body. Overall, it appears slab-like, and there's a definite hint of BMW iX from behind. For good measure, the Z's subtle spoiler has been added to the tailgate.

In keeping with the sporty theme, the students replaced the stock rims with a set of aftermarket wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Inside, you'll find the dashboard of the Murano has been largely unchanged. However, the team has fitted the chunky, three-spoke steering wheel from the Nissan Z, along with cream-colored bucket seats.

The overall result leaves a lot to be desired, but there's no denying the students that built this car are seriously talented.

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If you want to get a closer glimpse at this automotive Frankenstein, the Fairlady X is expected to make its first public appearance at the Tokyo Auto Salon and Osaka Auto Messe early in 2023.

The Fairlady X isn't what we'd call pretty, but it's nowhere near the worst mishmash we've seen this year. The Chevrolet Suburban Honda Accord mash-up we reported on early this year could detach retinas from 100 yards away, while the Reventon-inspired Toyota Supra that was for sale in the Netherlands was also rather disturbing.

We doubt Nissan will ever feel the need to place the Fairlady X into production but, then again, who knows? Fit an electric motor and refine the styling, and the Japanese brand could have a direct rival to fight the Mustang Mach-E, another crossover that uses sports car styling cues - albeit more successfully.

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