Nissan Finally Confirms Next GT-R Will Be A Hybrid

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We can file this story under "duh."

In a recent interview with Top Gear, Nissan's head of UK operations, James Oliver, said what many suspected was the case already: that the next generation of the GT-R would be a hybrid. The entire supercar world is moving in this direction, and it only makes sense for the supercar killer to follow suit. This is especially true when Honda/Acura is set to launch the much anticipated and hybridized NSX squarely at the GT-R's target demographic next year.

It might seem as though that's all there is to it, but making a hybrid GT-R presents significant challenges far beyond simple engineering ones. Keeping the cost of the GT-R down has always been a struggle for Nissan, and an area where they seem to lose significant amounts of ground all the time. A hybrid drivetrain will definitely mean a price bump, and there is a certain point at which Nissan will simply be selling a car with all of the supercar price and virtually none of the exoticism. So, as curious as we are to see the car's new performance specs, we're even more eager to see the price of this new car.

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