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Nissan Gives Armada Full Dude-Bro Overland Treatment

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Nissan hops on the overlanding bandwagon with a new concept.

It seems everyone and their mother is into overlanding these days. If you're not aware, overlanding is the act of driving off the road to a destination and then camping there using an assortment of gadgetry attached to your vehicle. Many overlanders can be seen parked just far enough off the highways in California and Oregon to make their Instagram pictures look legit. Now Nissan wants in on the action by creating a concept to signal the company's dream overlander.

The automaker announced it will unveil the Nissan Armada Mountain Patrol show car at the upcoming 2018 Overland Expo West, before it lives out the rest of its life as show car used to make Rogue Sport lifestyle events edgier and to solicit email addresses at energy drink conventions throughout 2018. While not slated for production, Nissan was proud to announce the concept features a lifted suspension, off-road wheels and tires, a roof-mounted tent, jerry cans, an exhaust snorkel, brush bar, both front and rear winches, and more. Nissan hopes project Mountain Patrol will inspire other overland bros to build their own Armada-based vehicle instead of always using the Jeep Wrangler.

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"If you are building an overlanding rig, the Nissan Armada is a great place to start with its impressive off-road capabilities, great on-road comfort and its suite of Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies," said Nissan marketing manager Brandon White. "With help from Nissan Truck enthusiasts, the Armada Mountain Patrol will take that rugged foundation and transform into the ultimate overlanding vehicle – equipped with the latest in overlanding tech, camping comforts and tools needed to take on any adventure." The Nissan Armada Mountain Patrol will be on display at the 2018 Overland Expo West from May 18th to the 20th.