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Nissan Going Combat, Aiming for 10 Percent US Market-Share

"You're going to see us continuously be on the offensive in the US."

Nissan Motor Corp. has some ambitious plans for the US market, and the company’s CEO says it will “continuously be on the offensive in the US until we reach this first milestone of 10 percent.” Speaking to Auto News, Carlos Ghosn stated that the company had risen to 8.9 percent in the first part of 2014, and it doesn't intend to stop there. In order to reach its goal, the company will focus on brand image and new product launches, while constantly battling to increase sales and profits.

With new products like the newly-introduced 2015 Murano, the company should be well poised to increase its market share in this and other competitive segments. Meanwhile, it also plans to restructure its dealer sales goals, a project which took effect on April 1. Nissan plans to achieve its 10 percent market share goal by 2017.

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