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Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition Looks Brilliant In Bayside Blue

2019 New York Auto Show / 8 Comments

Even in its twilight years it is still awesome.

Nissan is celebrating 50-years of its Z and GT-R line of sports cars with a range of Anniversary Edition models and in addition, the GT-R range gets an updated Nismo variant and a few detail changes for the 2020 model year.

Yes, the current generation GT-R has been on sale for over a decade now but incremental updates and a base car that was way ahead of its time mean that it is still well up to the task of embarrassing the latest crop of sports cars.

The 50th Anniversary GT-R is available with a choice of three two-tone exterior colors, all based on historically significant GT-Rs from the past. The one on display at the New York Auto Show is finished in iconic Bayside Blue, last seen on the R34 GT-R this hue is complemented with a central stripe of white running along the top of the car from the hood to the trunk.

There are also subtle blue tints on the wheels and tailpipes and a 50th Anniversary inscription below the large rear wing. Subtle changes to the interior include an Alcantara headliner, embossed seats and a unique steering-wheel and shifter.

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Staying true to their incremental improvement policy, Nissan has updated the 2020 GT-R with new turbos and exhaust manifold, a revised dual-clutch transmission and a new titanium muffler. The Track Edition trim is now fitted with the 600 horsepower motor from the Nismo and can be had with the track-ready carbon ceramic brake package as well.

The Nismo version is further enhanced with copious use of carbon fiber which contributes to a 44 pound overall weight reduction and there is also an aggressive aero package to help it excel on track.