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Nissan GT-R Blows Rear End Before Clocking 8-Second Run

Talk about impressive recoveries.

The true renegades of the world are those who refuse to take the extreme at face value. No, they want more, and they’re willing to push all limits to get there. The latest victim of the few rebels who wanted to find out where the limit lies was the record-holding Nissan GT-R from Extreme Turbo Systems. As the name implies, this GT-R is boosted and makes 2,000 horsepower. Of course, the rest of the car isn’t designed for that kind of power and the poor Nissan’s rear end gave out during the launch.

Later that same weekend, the GT-R was back and running 8-second quarter miles thanks to its amazing team of mechanics. At least that's all that blew off of the car.

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