Nissan GT-R China Edition by Vilner

Red dragons and luxury materials dominate the interior of this custom GT-R.

Vilner's latest tuning job deals with the Nissan GT-R and came about after receiving a request from a client who "wanted a non-standardized execution of his racer." This being the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar meant that the mythical beast acted as motif, with red dragons tattooed on the headliner and Alcantara-coated trunk. The matte white foil-wrapped supercar was originally red, hence the use of the red embroidery and seams on the dashboard.

These supposedly represent the body of the dragon winding around the seats and across the center console. Vilner used carbon fber for the steering wheel and gear shifter with the more intricate details painted in red chrome. Black Alcantara and black leather adorn the dashboard, door panels and console, while the rest of the cabin is upholstered in quited leather with suede accents. Finally, by fitting a titanium exhaust, the Bulgarian customizer claims to have boosted output from 440 to 530 hp. That's a heck of a jump for an exhaust swap, so we'll take that particular bit with a dragon-sized grain of salt.

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