Nissan GT-R Demolishes BMW M4 and Lexus RC-F: Are You Surprised?

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BMW fanboys look away now!

The Nissan GT-R is one of the best cars to buy if you want to go to the drag strip. Although drag racing isn't the car's main purpose, few vehicles come right off the showroom ready to easily put down 11 second quarter mile times. We know how capable the GT-R is, especially considering it's $101,770 price. The GT-R is faster than many cars that cost twice as much, but how much faster is it than two fast coupes from BMW and Lexus? We aren't sure why Top Gear decided to pit the GT-R against the M4 and RC-F, but it doesn't need a reason.

We understand that this matchup is far from fair given that the RC-F costs around $63,000 and the M4 costs around $65,000. However, both cars, especially the BMW, can be optioned to near the GT-R's price tag. Whatever the justification, GT-R fanboys will love seeing their favorite car crush Lexus and BMW in a drag race.

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