Nissan GT-R Driver Killed By Concrete Chunk Thrown From Bridge


Police are currently investigating this horrendous accident

As 54-year-old Joe C. Shelton Jr. drove his Nissan GT-R to work early on Tuesday morning on the I-24 in Tennessee, a huge concrete chunk went through his windscreen, hitting him in the face and causing him to swerve into a Toyota pickup truck before coming to a stop on the I-24’s Silliman Evans Bridge.

Sadly, the accident proved fatal and he was declared dead on the scene; the car was completely wrecked too, showing the severity of the impact. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department is currently investigating the accident and is teaming with Central Precinct Detectives to determine the origins of the concrete chunk.

Early findings suggest that the concrete piece was thrown from the Shelby Avenue Bridge and was not part of the bridge structure itself. Tennessee Department of Transport Bridge Inspectors say that the piece more closely resembles a roadway curb.

Mr. Shelton was on his way to the Nissan plant in Smyrna when the incident happened, police are asking anyone who saw someone standing on the Shelby Avenue Bridge at around 4:54 am to contact them. Investigators are also reviewing any available surveillance camera footage in the area to reveal further information on this devious act and who may have been responsible.

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The fact that this crime was committed in the early hours of the morning and that someone would have had to carry a chunk of concrete up to the bridge suggests that this was a premeditated act.

That is our take based on what has been revealed so far at any rate. We hope that the person or people responsible for this heinous act are caught quickly and brought to justice.