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Nissan GT-R Owner Holds it Together After 200 MPH Tire Blowout

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Impressive save. Unbelievably stupid behavior.

There's nothing big and clever about going over 200 mph on a public highway. It's absolute insanity. This guy was lucky enough to tell the tale of why such behavior belongs strictly on video games, after his Nissan GT-R – modified to deliver 800 horsepower thanks to the twin-turbo engine being bored and stroked to 4.3 liters – blew a tire while travelling at 203 mph. At the 25-second mark, the right front tire loses pressure, instantly disintegrating sending shrapnel into the HID headlights and peeling back the steel front quarter panel.

The next 30 seconds is a lesson in how to bring a car to a stop safely, lifting off the throttle, gently applying the brakes, and holding the car steady. Don' try this at home kids.

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