Nissan GT-R Refreshed With Stylish Facelift And Welcome Power Boost

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Godzilla gets a new face.

We knew that Nissan was bringing an updated GT-R to the 2016 New York Auto Show. However, the leaked images of the facelifted GT-R weren't 100% accurate. The 2017 GT-R has received its first major changes since its 2007 introduction. The new premium cabin features Nappa leather, a revised front seat design, simplified switch layout and NissanConnectSM with Navigation, Apps and Services. Oh, and there's a 20 hp boost, for a total of 565 ponies. The 2017 model will also have a flatter torque curve for better on-demand acceleration.

The power increase is achieved through changes to the engine timing and increasing the turbo boost. The car will also get a new titanium exhaust system. In case you forgot how much detail goes into building a GT-R, here's a video to remind you.

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Various other improvements to the 2017 GT-R including Active Noise Cancellation and Active Sound. These systems will "filter out unwanted noise and retain excitement during spirited driving."

To us, this just sounds like the same sort of thing BMW does with the M3 and M4, where fake engine noise is pumped into the cabin. To further reduce unwanted noise, the GT-R now has Acoustic glass and targeted sound dampening to help "reduce the intrusion of wind and road noise." Nissan wants the new GT-R to feel more refined and more luxurious than the outgoing 2016 model. While it isn't a whole new R36 generation like some have speculated, it is a welcomed improvement to a car that was starting to show its age.

Photo by John Murphy Photography

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